Corn Flakes Machine Line

2023/03/03 16:49

Corn Flakes Machine line


The corn flakes machine uses twin screw extruder to produce high quality corn flakes food and breakfase cereal food. The machine line adopts corn flour as raw material. The continuous dryer can save much space and cost less energy. The machine line has 100-150kg/h and 300-330kg/h capacity for customers to choose. 

The corn flakes food is widely used as breakfast in amny countries, thus this set of machine line is welcomed by customers. The corn flakes can be flavored with sugar on the surface of the food. Various shapes are avaliable such as ball, tube, stick, ring, star, wheel by adjusting the mould in the extruder.

The whole machine line includes mixing, extruding, flaking, drying, flavoring, and cooling part.