Finish Production of Pet Food Machine

2023/11/17 16:24


Recently, we finished one set of pet food machine line and test the machine line successfully in our factory.

This pet food machine line is 500kg/h capacity. The machine line is fully automatic type from mixing raw material, extruding and forming, drying, seasoning, cooling and packing. 

The machine line can produce dog food, cat food, fish feed and other animal feed. Thus it is welcomed by our customers.

The twin screw extruder is composed of motor, gear box, cylinder, screw, heating system, cooling system, rotary cutting system and controller.

The motor comes from Siemens. It provide stable power for the extruder.


The gear used in the gear box has high accuracy thus it can ensure the long-term and stable operation and reduce the noise.


The screw is double screw with alloy steel material. It has high wear resistance, thus for longer service life.


The heating and cooling system on the cylinder can ensure the stable temperature in operation, thereby ensuring stable products quality.


The rotatry cutting system can cut different size by adjusting the rotational speed.


Different shapes of molds can be used to produce different products.We have bone shape, round shape, triangle shape, heart shape and so on.


PLC automatic control system adopts touch screen operation. Parameters such as speed and temperature can be read from the screen and adjusted as needed.

Welcome every customers who have interest on this machine line contact us.